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Fire engine temporarily placed in service south of Highway 101

By Christina Atchison
Jun 14, 2023 at 08:41 PM

MONTECITO, CA – The Montecito Fire Department has temporarily placed a Type 6 engine into service on the southern end of the Montecito Fire Protection District to ensure adequate emergency response times in light of ongoing Highway 101 roadwork and ancillary construction projects in the area. The Highway 101 widening project, closure of the San Ysidro Road Overcrossing, along with other construction work on surface streets in the area, pose delays to emergency response.

“Staffing this additional engine until the San Ysidro Road overcrossing is reopened will allow the Montecito Fire Department to continue providing timely and professional service to our community and everyone traveling on Highway 101,” said Montecito Fire Chief David Neels. “As these construction projects progress, we will continually reassess our response plans to prevent any delays in emergency service.”

Engine 691, as well as a temporary housing unit for the two firefighters staffing the engine, will be stationed in a parking lot along Hill Road adjacent to the Biltmore property. Montecito Fire Department is greatly appreciative of Ty Warner for facilitating the opportunity to station this engine in an area of our community that is a challenge to access currently because of numerous construction projects.

There are approximately 130 residences on the southside of Highway 101 along with major community hubs including the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel, All Saints By The Sea Church, The Friendship Center, The Music Academy of the West, and our local beaches.

Annually, Montecito Fire Department responds to more than 300 emergency calls for service south of Highway 101 and on the Highway 101 corridor.

Engine 691 will remain in service through August 22, 2023. According to CalTrans, the San Ysidro Road Overcrossing will reopen August 22 in advance of local schools resuming classes on August 24.

For questions, please contact Christina Atchison, Public Information Officer at [email protected] or 805-680-5526. 


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