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Standards of Coverage Study and Risk Assessment 

In January 2014, the Montecito Fire Protection District contracted Citygate & Associates, LLC to conduct an updates community risk assessment, evaluate the District's fire station placement plan, and assess the District's headquarters and support functions to provide a comprehensive analysis of the District's operations and capacity to meet the fire and emergency medical risks in the community. 

To address all of these issues, Citygate’s work was presented across two volumes.

Click Here to download the Extracted Executive Summary.

Volume 1 consists of four “Parts,” including: this Executive Summary that summarizes our findings and recommendations (Part One); an in-depth community risk assessment (Part Two); a Standards of Response Coverage (SOC) study that analyzes fire crew deployment (Part Three); a headquarters and support functions review (Part Four); and the community survey results (Part Five).

Volume 2 consists of two “Parts,” including: risk assessment exhibits (Part One); and deployment (SOC) map exhibits (Part Two).


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