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VIVA is Montecito Fire Protection District’s new online system for submitting all permit types, including Fire Protection Certificate Applications, fire sprinkler system plans, tent permits, burn permits, and new address applications. There are no fees for any permit or application issued by the Montecito Fire Department.

All permits and applications must be submitted online through VIVA.  First-time users will need to create a user profile.   The Montecito VIVA website is or use the link below.


Address Application

Montecito Fire Department is the agency responsible for issuing or changing all addresses within its jurisdiction.  A detailed site plan that includes the following information must be uploaded with the Address Application.

  • Location of all existing and proposed structures on the property (e.g. – Proposed Single Family Dwelling, etc.)
  • Indicate location of access road for structure(s)
  • Indicate location and general layout of driveway
  • Relative location of the parcel (e.g. – cross streets)

Upon receipt of your complete application and site plan, the Montecito Fire Department Prevention Bureau will review the application and assign an address. 

Burn Permit

A Burn Permit is required for all open burning, recreational fire, or portable outdoor fireplaces on public property and all agricultural burning, bonfires, and fire hazard reduction burning.

A Burn Permit is issued at the discretion of the Fire Department and is only valid once inspected and approved by Fire Department personnel.  During the inspection, the inspector will verify the responsible party is aware of the specific requirements identified on the permit and have applied the appropriate mitigation measures.

Burning shall only be conducted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. No new material will be added after 12:00 p.m. and the fire must be cold and out by 5:00 p.m.  

Permittee shall burn status phone number at (805)686-8177 after 5:00 pm on the day prior to the burn to obtain burn status for the following day.  Or check the Burn Day Status Map.

Permittee shall contact the Montecito Fire Department at (805) 969-7762 after 7:00 am on the day of the intended burn operation to notify of the intention to burn.

A valid appropriate burn permit must be on site at all times during burning operations.

Burning is prohibited during Fire Season, Sundays, and Holidays. Burn permits are valid only on days designated by the California Air Resource Board as Permissive Burn Days. Permissive Burn Days can be cancelled by the Fire Chief and/or the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.

Temporary Tent Permit

Tent Permits are reviewed and inspected by the Montecito Fire Protection District and are required for any temporary tent as detailed below. 

  • Area of tent is 400 sq. ft or greater with any walls
  • Area of tent is 700 sq. ft or greater with no walls
  • Area of multiple tents exceeds 700 sq. ft
  • Any tent within 20 ft of structures

Permit is not valid without an on-site inspection and a Fire Department representative signature.  A site plan must be uploaded with the Tent Permit Application. 

See additional Temporary Tent Permit requirements here.

Submission & Review

Once the application or permit is submitted in VIVA, it will be reviewed by Fire District staff.  The Applicant will be notified if clarification is needed or if a re-submittal is required through the notes section of VIVA.  The Applicant can monitor the status of their submission on the VIVA dashboard. 

The Applicant will be notified once their submission has been approved.  The approved plans, condition letters or permits will be accessible in VIVA.  FPC’s will also be uploaded to the Santa Barbara County Building and Safety Accela system.    

For questions or concerns about any permit or the VIVA process, please reach out to a member of the Prevention Bureau staff at (805) 969-7762 or you can contact us at the email addresses below.

Aaron Briner, Battalion Chief Fire Marshal – [email protected]

Alex Broumand, Captain Assistant Fire Marshal – [email protected]

Billy Wrenn, Engineer Inspector – [email protected]

Maeve Juarez, Wildland Fire Inspector – [email protected]

Nic Elmquist, Wildland Fire Inspector – [email protected]

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