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Montecito Community Plan

Summary of the Montecito Community Plan and Legal Authority

The Montecito Community Plan sets out specific goals relating to community development, public facilities and services, and resources and constraints. It states the objectives of the goals, names specific policies and actions to carry out those policies.

The Community Plan also designates the type of land use (e.g. residential, commercial) allowed for each parcel within the Montecito Planning Area and the maximum density allowed for residential parcels (e.g. one unit allowed per acre, 4.6 units allowed per acre). These designations determine the amount of growth that can be expected through potential subdivision of land. Zoning for every parcel is then mapped to match the land use and density specified in the Plan.

Development of the Montecito Community Plan was in compliance with Public Resources Code section 21083.3 which states "a community plan shall apply to a specific geographic portion of the County, shall reference, and serve to update, the mandatory elements of the general [comprehensive] plan, and shall contain specific development policies and measures." Applicable policies from the Montecito Community Plan amend elements of the County's Comprehensive Plan, yet the full Community Plan is maintained as a separate stand-alone document, providing a more defined blueprint for future land use matters in Montecito.

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