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Evacuation Map

2023 MTO Public Evacuation Zone Map

The Montecito Fire Department Evacuation Map depicts predesignated evacuation zones for the community of Montecito.

It is important to understand that the designated evacuation routes are subject to conditions and may not be available during any given emergency.

Please make it your responsibility to know every possible route of egress from your location.

This is an interactive map. Type your address into the map’s search bar to determine which evacuation zone your home is in. It is important to know your evacuation zone in the event of a wildfire or other emergency that requires evacuation.

Review the “Ready! Set! Go!” Wildfire Action Plan to prepare and protect yourself, your family and your property from wildfire. You may download a digital copy of “Ready! Set! Go!” at or pick up a hard copy at the Montecito Fire stations located at 595 San Ysidro Rd. or 2300 Sycamore Canyon Rd.

For questions about this map or your evacuation zone, please contact 805-969-7762 or [email protected].

Download and print the Evacuation Map

Evacuation Map

Storm Impact Consideration Map

Click here to access the Santa Barbara County 2023 January Winter Storm Incident Map.

ZWorld 2023 Storm Impact Map thumbnail

Visit the Storm Impact Consideration Map 

The Storm Impact Consideration Map was last updated in December 2021 and represents Montecito’s debris flow risk for the next several years. Areas at greatest risk of damage during a debris flow are shaded in red. If your property falls within the red shading, you should have a plan to evacuate in the event of a severe rainstorm. Type your address into the map's search bar to determine whether your property is at risk of impacts from a debris flow. 

Properties outlined in red will be considered for evacuation if a saturation rainfall event occurs with a period of high intensity, short duration rainfall embedded. A saturation rainfall event is defined as approximately 8-10 inches of rain in 36-48 hours. A period of high intensity, short duration rain, such as a thunderstorm or microburst, that happens during the 36-48 hours of saturating rain, could trigger a debris flow.  You may be ordered to move to higher ground or evacuate your property.

Montecito has a long history of flooding and debris flow. Five years after the 1964 Coyote Fire, Montecito experienced a significant debris flow in 1969. We again experienced a debris flow following the 2017 Thomas Fire. While our risk is reduced each year as the watershed recovers, our community remains at risk for debris flow.

Several mitigation measures have been implemented in our community since the 1/9 Debris Flow that reduce our risk for severe impact. These measures include the Randall Road Debris Basin, debris flow ring nets, substantial improvement to existing debris basins and ongoing work to keep the waterways clear.

The Storm Impact Consideration Map was created by Atkins Engineering, a consultant of the Montecito Fire Protection District. Atkins has produced all the debris flow risk maps for Montecito since the 1/9 Debris Flow. Atkins utilizes inputs from a local watershed biologist, Santa Barbara County Public Works and Flood Control, peer-reviewed debris flow science and topographical data to model debris flow risk during short duration, extremely high intensity rainfall. With that information, Atkins conducts aerial and ground surveys, along with computer modeling, to create the Storm Impact Consideration Map. Emergency managers utilize the Storm Impact Consideration Map to determine appropriate protective actions measures to keep our community safe.

If you have any questions about the Storm Impact Consideration Map, please call 805-969-7762 or email [email protected].  

District Boundaries Map 

district boundary map thumbnail

Search for an address to see if it is within the Montecito Fire Protection District.
If you don't know the address, use one of these search methods:

  • Click the search box and type in an address or choose Use current location 
  • Click within the map

Download the District Boundaries Map


This map depicts the jurisdictional boundaries in and around Montecito. 

Fire Severity Zones 

District Maps
District Maps

Download Fire Severity Zones Map

Fire Severity Zones are defined in the Montecito Fire Protection Plan.

Local Fire History 1912-2020

Fire History Map

Visit Interactive Local Fire History Map

This interactive map depicts all documented wildland fires in Santa Barbara County from 1912-2020.

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