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Evacuation Map

Evacuation Map

Download the Evacuation Map

This map depicts the predesignated Evacuation Zones for the Montecito Fire Protection District.

It is important to understand that the designated evacuation routes are subject to conditions and may not be available during any given emergency.

Please make it your responsibility to know every possible route of egress from your location.

District Boundaries


Download the District Boundaries Map

This map depicts the jurisdictional boundaries in and around Montecito. 

Fire Severity Zones 

District Maps
District Maps

Download Fire Severity Zones Map

Fire Severity Zones are defined in the Montecito Fire Protection Plan.

Local Fire History 1898-2009


Download Local Fire History 1898-2009 Map

This map depicts all documented wildland fires in southern Santa Barbara county between 1898 - 2009.

Darker Background.Lighter Background.