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Montecito Fire Protection District Job Descriptions & Salary Ranges

Montecito Fire Protection District serves the Montecito community with 2 Fire Stations. Additionally, Montecito Fire Protection District provides mutual aid resources as needed throughout Santa Barbara County, and the State of California. Additionally, Montecito Fire Protection District has been recruited to participate on National Emergency Response Teams that respond to emergencies all over the country. For these reasons, our employees are crossed trained in many positions and are expected to perform duties that fall outside of traditional job titles.

Job descriptions are intended to describe a range of duties performed by employees in the particular position. Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties.

Montecito Fire Protection District does not accept interest cards for positions that are not being recruited for. Job openings are posted to our website on the Employment tab when available.


Monthly Salary Range


$16,861 - $19,015

$15,375 - $17,053

$13,978 - $15,502

$11,332 - $12,132

$11,069 - $11,591

$9,851 - $10,540

$7,992 - $10,447

$7,195 - $9,404

$10,669 - $11,762

$7,493 - $8,014

$9,794 - $11,915

$9,243 - $11,240

$7,931 - $9,331


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