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Neighborhood Chipping Program

The Montecito Fire Department is sponsoring critical fire prevention clean-up projects in your neighborhood.

In preparation for wildfire, the Montecito Fire Department works in collaboration with identified neighborhoods to assist residents in improving community defensible space. You do the cutting and our contractor will chip the vegetation on-site and take it away.

Interactive Neighborhood Chipping Map

The Montecito Fire Department now has an Interactive Neighborhood Chipping Map. Type in your address for your neighborhood's chipping date details. 

Neighborhood Chipping Map Thumbnail

2024 Chipping Schedule For the weeks beginning:

March 4 El Bosque, Bolero, Hodges, Juan Crespi, El Dorado, Live Oaks, Moore, Las Tunas, Fuera Lane, San Ysidro Road/Lane
March 18 Lower Romero, Oak Grove, Alisos, Olive, Piedras, Veloz, Lilac, Feather Hill, Camino Del Rosario, Knollwood, Tabor, Orchard, Stonehouse, Macadamia
April 1 Upper Romero, Park Hill, Bella Vista, Park, Park Lane West, Tollis, Winding Creek, Buena Vista, Glen Oaks, Via Manana, East Mountain (1800 block)
April 15 Lower Hot Springs (500-800 blocks), Ashley, Ayala, Para Grande, Riven Rock, Cold Springs, Picacho, Stone Meadow Lane, Green Meadow Road, Santa Angela Lane  
April 29 Alston, Woodley, Glenview, School House Lane, Cota Lane, E. Pepper Lane, Pimiento, Camino Viejo, Alcala Lane, Dulzura Drive
May 13 Chelham, Dawlish, Stoddard, Cloydon Circle, Paso Robles
May 28 Arcady, Knapp, Cowles, Cottage, El Rancho, Sky View, Lanai Rd
June 10 Sierra Vista, Nicholas, Ridge View, Canyon View, Sycamore Vista, Ranchito Vista, Calle Elegante, Calle Hermosa, Crest View
June 24 East Mountain (100-1600 blocks), Irvine, Brooktree, Upper Hot Springs (900 block), Oak Creek Canyon
July 8 West Mountain Drive, Coyote, Banana Road

How to participate in the annual program:

  • START CUTTING YOUR VEGETATION in advance of your scheduled neighborhood clean-up date. Focus your efforts within 100’ of structures and roadways, in the area known as your “Defensible Space Zone”. Visit for more information.

Chipping Pile Examples Graphic

  • CHIPPING SERVICES FOR SHRUB AND TREE LIMB MATERIAL WILL BE PROVIDED BY OUR CONTRACTOR. This material should be stacked at the edge of a passable road with the cut ends pointing to the center of the road. Leaves, succulents, agave, pine needles, palm fronds and other small trimmings cannot be chipped. It is the property owner’s responsibility to properly dispose of these items or they can be placed in the provided MarBorg roll-off containers.
  • ROLL OFF CONTAINERS will be strategically placed in certain neighborhoods. The containers will arrive the Wednesday prior to the scheduled chipping start date and will remain in place for 10 days. The containers are only for the vegetation that cannot be chipped and are not to be used for trash disposal. For exact locations, please reference the table below with Neighborhood Chipping Roll-Off Container Locations or visit the Interactive Neighborhood Chipping Map. 
  • TAGGING AND TRIMMING Roadside tree branches extending beyond the minimum clearance requirements set in the Montecito Fire Code will be identified by Fire District personnel. These branches will be removed by a professional tree service during the scheduled neighborhood project. This service provides adequate roadside clearance for emergency vehicles and safer evacuation routes for residents.
  • CHIPPING SCHEDULE: Crews will start chipping on the Monday of your neighborhood’s scheduled week. To participate in the program, all material needs to be in place by 8:00 am Monday morning. If the vegetation is not easily seen from the street, please call Montecito Fire so they can ensure it is marked for removal. The identified schedule must be followed so all participants can be included in the annual program.

Please follow the above instructions to ensure the continued success of the Neighborhood Chipping Program.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary property survey, please contact our Wildland Fire Specialists: Maeve Juarez or Nic Elmquist at (805) 969-7762 or email [email protected].

2024 Neighborhood Chipping Roll-Off Container Locations

Chipping Neighborhood Roll-Off Delivery Chipping Starts

Roll-Off Pick-Up

Roll-Off Address
El Bosque February 27 March 4 March 7


471 Live Oaks

Lower Romero March 12 March 18 March 21

2110 Alisos Drive

2195 Veloz Drive

Upper Romero March 26 April 1 April 4

2299 Bella Vista Drive (Fearing Trailhead)

909 Romero Canyon Road (Debris Basin)

936 Park Lane (Buena Vista Trail Head)

Lower Hot Springs 

(500-800 blocks)

April 9 April 15 April 18

567 Para Grande

608 Stone Meadow

Alston April 23 April 29 May 2

1315 Pepper Lane

1155 Dulzura Drive

Chelham May 7 May 13 May 16 681 Chelham Way
Arcady May 21 May 28 May 30

621 Cowles

651 Cowles

Sierra Vista June 4 June 10 June 13

445 Nicholas Lane

350 Calle Elegante

East Mountain Drive (100-1600 blocks) June 18 June 24 June 27

1090 E. Mountain Drive

West of 485 E. Mountain Drive

West Mountain Drive July 2 July 8 July 11 West of 225 W. Mountain Drive (two roll-offs)

Click here to view an overview of map locations.

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