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Surrendered Newborn

No Shame-No Blame-No Name

Surrendered Newborn

The Montecito Fire Protection District meets the requirements, if needed, to Safely Surrender your Baby

595 San Ysidro Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Phone:(805) 969-7762 

If this location does not meet your needs or you are unable to contact someone at the Fire Station, Please call 211 for the closest Safe Surrender Site

California law provides a safe alternative for the surrender of a newborn baby in specified circumstances. Under the SSB law, a parent or person with lawful custody can safely surrender a baby confidentially, and without fear of prosecution, within 72 hours of birth.

The Process:

  • At the time of surrender, a bracelet is placed on the baby for identification purposes and a matching bracelet provided to the parent or lawful guardian, in case the baby is reclaimed.
  • A parent or person with lawful custody has up to 14 days from the time of surrender to reclaim their baby.
  • A medical questionnaire must be offered, however it is a voluntary document and can be declined. The questionnaire is offered solely for the purpose of collecting medical information critical to the health and survival of the infant. All identifying information that pertains to a parent or individual who surrenders a child is strictly confidential.
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