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Notifications Systems

Notifications Systems

The Montecito Fire Protection District realizes that providing timely, accurate information is critical during emergencies. The following notification systems are being used to alert the community of emergency and non-emergency events:

ReadySBC Alerts

Are you registered to receive emergency alerts and public safety notifications in Santa Barbara County? If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you! Receive local information by phone, text message or email by registering at

¿Está registrado para recibir alertas de emergencia en el condado de Santa Bárbara?  ¡Si no podemos localizarlo, no podemos alertarlo! Reciba información por teléfono, texto o correo electrónico registrándose en

Please note: Those who previously registered for Aware and Prepare Alerts will continue to receive alerts and do not need to re-register for ReadySBC Alerts.


Montecito Fire posts regular emergency and non-emergency information to our various social media platforms. Please "like" our pages and accounts to see our posts regularly:

Montecito Fire Twitter

Montecito Fire Facebook

Montecito Fire Instagram

Montecito Fire NextDoor 

AM 1610

AM 1610 is a low powered AM Radio station owned and operated by the Montecito Fire Protection District. The station broadcasts fire prevention and disaster preparedness information on a continuous loop. However, during emergencies, Montecito Fire will broadcast evacuation and other critical information as it becomes available.

It is important to understand that most home stereo systems do not pick up AM broadcasts - especially those coming from a low power station. To hear these broadcasts, it is best to tune in on a battery powered portable radio or your car radio.

Local Media Outlets

Local Media, including TV, Radio and Print have provided email and text messaging contact information to Montecito Fire and are notified as soon as possible on all emergency events. The media also has contact information for Montecito Fire Public Information Officers.

For assistance or information relating to any of our notification methods, please contact Christina Favuzzi at:  [email protected] or call 805-969-7762.

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