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Nov 19, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply
Susan Franz

Good afternoon,

My name is Susan Franz. I am a member of the Board of Selectmen in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

We are currently in a process to better prepare our community for climate change. We are in a heavily forested area and our state climate models show we should expect more frequent and more severe droughts in the upcoming decades.

We were very interested in the work that you have done to prepare Montecito and wanted to see if you might be open to a conference call with some of our community leadership, including our Emergency Management Director, Fire Chief, and Police Chief.

We are interested in learning more about your experience with community notification, evacuations, and property protection planning.

Please, let me know who the best person might be to speak to about this.

Kind regards,

Susan Franz

[email protected]
Ph. 508.278.4547
Cell: 707.492.7575

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