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Montecito Fire Protection District-Fire Prevention Week Activities

By Joyce Reed
Oct 05, 2015 at 03:22 PM

The Montecito Fire Protection District is scheduled to deliver an interactive fire safety educational experience to students attending pre-schools and elementary schools in the Montecito community.

Fire Prevention Week begins on October 5, and this year, Montecito students will learn the importance of fire safety while they are given a tour through the District’s inflatable fire safety house.

The inflatable house is specifically designed as an educational tool (no bounce pad). It has built in teaching tools throughout, including the stay low in smoke element, a three dimensional kitchen and fire safety messages posted throughout the house. This new tool provides a fun learning environment for the children, while fire personnel deliver age appropriate fire safety information.

The Fire Prevention Week Campaign focuses on the importance of working smoke detectors. According the National Fire Protection Association, “almost three of five (60%) reported home fire deaths in 2007 to 2011 resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.” This program will help deliver that message to over 1,000 students in Montecito.

Montecito Fire will be visiting every school in the District from October 5–16.

Monday October 5: Mount Carmel School
Tuesday October 6: Laguna Blanca School
Wednesday October 7: YMCA Pre-School
Thursday October 8: Crane Day School
Friday, October 9: El Montecito Early School

Monday October 12: All Saints Pre-School
Tuesday, October 13: Montecito Union School
Wednesday, October 14: Montecito Union School
Thursday, October 15: Cold Spring School
Friday, October 16: Cold Spring School

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